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Sydney’s #1 line marking service provider.

Traffic management and pedestrian slip resistant line markings are the most important concerns for safety in shopping centres. We provide all Sydney city linemarking services and always use anti-slip and reflective beading on all pedestrian crossings and walkways to the Australian Safety Standards.

checkList Do you have a shopping centre that needs linemarking?

checkList Need your safety line marking and floor layouts completed ASAP?

checkList We can help you bring it to completion on time and in budget.

checkList Is your shopping centre looking tired and ready for a refresh?

checkList We can help you bring it back to life quickly with a great result.

checkList Do you need Slip Testing for your Pedestrian Walkways?

checkList We can organise an independent Slip test for your peace of mind.

Linemarking Solutions will happily come to your location to discuss your requirements.

Our professional experienced city linemarking teams can install line markings for your shopping centres car parks, loading zones, slip resistant pedestrian walkways, with accuracy and a focus on your car space efficiency.

Lines are for safety and are a guide for pedestrians, shop employees, cars, trucks, machinery, and forklifts. These lines are to Australian Standards requirements and must comply with the RMS and Australian Safety Standards. We provide Sydney City Linemarking services for all of your line marking requirements.

At Linemarking Solutions, we utilise the latest state-of-the-art computer operated line marking machines and airless spraying technology and we have delivered thousands of projects to our customers specifications including customised stencilling.

We are available 24/7 for all your projects and can work within your budget to help you achieve your required line marking results.

Our line marking services are HIGH ON QUALITY & LOW ON PRICE.

PLUS: We offer you a 100% satisfaction warranty and we guarantee to beat any written quote by 5%

Some of the Companies that trust and have used our services are:


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