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DULUX Roadmaster Chlorinated Rubber

ROADMASTER A1 is a single pack, fast dry coating based on a durable alkyd modified chlorinated rubber resin. Recommended for making roadways,car parks and where long term durability is required, typically factory and warehouse floors.

Key Details

Highly durable, rapid dry coating.

Low dusting giving sharp edge lines.

Excellent resistance to exterior exposure

Wattyl Centreline

Centreline is a quick durable solvent road marking paint. It is formulated to give high wear resistance with excellent DURABILITY. It is a high speed line application using airless application with glass bead deposition – speed 20-30km/hour.

Key Details

  Touch dry after 3 minutes

  Typical film thickness 150 mircrons (dry), 375 Microns (wet).

  No pick up time 10 minutes.

Ennis Flint Crushed Quartz Slip Resistant

Crushed Quartz is naturally frosty to translucent in appearance, reduces chemical and water absorption, and is resistant to oil, petrol and diesel, effectively extending the life of the road pavement.

Key Details

  Appearance: small translucent glass like stones

Odour: None

Specific Gravity (Density): 2.5-2.7kg/L

Slip resistant to the Australian Standards Safety Compliance.